Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TOO Much to Talk About Tuesday!

Well...I decided to try this as a linky this week & just see what happens!

Primary Graffiti

Teaching In Blue Jeans
Mrs Ehles Kindergarten Connections

Teaching Doodles
Kreative in Kinder
A Teeny Tiny Teacher
Up Owl Night

I Wow! I get to see, hopefully meet, the authors of these great blogs today!! Boy, am I excited! The buttons are in no particular order but, the names should match the order listed! (all buttons should link back to their blogs!) I look forward to seeing/meeting Cheryl Saoud, April Walker, Amy Biddison, Erica Bohrer, Holly Ehle, Chrissy Platts, Michelle Thom, Ariane Huddleston, Susan Swensen, Kimmie, Hadar Maor, Deanna Jump, Rachelle Smith, Amber Polk, Crystal Radke, Katie Mense, Sally DeCost, Chrissy Heath, Kristin, Kathleen Pedersen, Heather Cooper, Deedee Wills, Amy, Kathy Lopez, Erin Anderson, & Erika Reyes!!

I have had the song title "One Thing Leads to Another" by the Fixx repeating in my head {yes, I am an 80s girl!} for the last week or so...I tried to embed the song here, but it could only play in Youtube...sorry for those of you pups out there who don't know the song...ANYWAY...I was VERY, VERY, bummed about Google Reader disappearing, but I am...
it imported my folders from Google Reader..
 I like the format..I can open a folder take a quick glance at the post and what it looks like...open a new window to see the whole thing, or click on 'mark as read'...now the 'One Thing Leads to Another' part...well... with pinning linkies, made it monday linkies, smorgasbord linkies, TpT & TN giveaways, new collaborative blogs starting...I'm clicking on pins...going to original post of those pins...repinning... adding to my TpT & TN wishlists...adding new freebies to my every growing collection of various resources etc..etc...etc...!!! 

Speaking of this I found on The Creative Apple a post about the cute state buttons...she linked to the blog that created this Fifth in the Middle..so...

I have fallen in love with Mrs. Fultz's Corner & now I can blame her thank her for her post about laminators...oh, and all those who commented as well...yep...one thing led to another...and now I have 
here's a picture of my badge for today laminated & blinged out! {it is VEGAS...right?!?!}

one more thing to talk about today...my darlin' daughter's creativity..she got this set for her birthday

 & here are her creations from the last few days...

 I seriously have several more things I want to talk about, but if I don't hit the publish button soon I'll never make it to Vegas to see my precious granddaughter & amazing teachers/bloggers!!!
See TOO Much to Talk About Tuesday!!! :)
We'll see if anyone wants to link up!

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