Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Too Much to Talk About Tuesday!

I seem to be so busy...even though it is summer...there's no 'Five for Friday' for July, (not that I would have got post up since we were traveling home all day!) and I was too busy catching up on things to do the Smorgasbord Sunday...I have SO MANY things I want to blog about and the days keep FLYING by! So here's tons of stuff!
Our daughter began a week of camp yesterday, my son is with his dad, and my husband is off work the rest of this week so...today we went for a bike (motorcycle) ride!  We went up to Big Bear which is about an hour or so away from our home...it is also a world away...I live in the high desert where the temp is 108 at 6:40 pm...at 1:00 this afternoon it was a nice 77 (anyone know how to do the degree sign on the keyboard???) in Big Bear (it's in the Mountains for those who aren't familiar with Southern California)


It was a good day with my wonderful husband.  He also was wonderful and went shopping with me yesterday.  Staples & Office Max have already begun their back to school deals!
Staples had index cards for 1 cent a pack...you can get 2 for that price...unless you are a TEACHER :-) then you can get 25 for 1 cent...you actually pay the regular price and get the difference back on your rewards card.  They also had Bic 8 pen packs and eraser pencil top packs for 1 cent each. I know that I'll be using the index cards for vocabulary cards this year...I just couldn't pass up the pens so I need come up with some good uses for them (if you've got some good ideas let me know!!!) since my 3rd graders don't often....okay RARELY use pens!  The deal was just too good to pass up!

Staples had pocket folders for one cent 10 for everyone; 20 for teachers & you got that price right at the register!

At Michaels they had scrapbook paper on sale...5 for a buck...

 I used up the last apple paper I had on these projects...the top drawers here have had the outside labels for a while, but the apple paper I added to the inside of the drawers...


 I reorganized some of my math manipulatives in this drawer set and lined the inside of the drawers before school got out.
The 3 pictures above are one drawer...my Greg Tang materials drawer..just showing the layers...anyone else have the Greg Tang Go Fast, Go Far set??

Our manipulatives that came with our district's adopted program came in individual student bags like the one that has all of the 'ones' blocks.  The kits had several different manipulatives...the management of them was not successful, so I took them all out and separated them...I already showed how I dealt with the coins..{here}.. this is how I organized the ones, tens, and hundreds.  Just by reorganizing it freed up one whole drawer...which is now my Greg Tang drawer.

 I am really excited to meet teachers & bloggers at this get together!!!  I plan to get to Vegas early on Tuesday, I get to visit with my precious two year old granddaughter there!  If anyone would like to meet up early for a bite to eat...kind of a mini meet up before the big, over 100 teacher meet up, I'd love to get together with you!! Please leave me a comment if you will be having dinner there and don't have plans yet...we can find a reasonably priced place somewhere around the strip.
I had been thinking about doing this as a linky, but since it is now 11:00 Pacific Time on Tuesday, it appears to be too late...and yes...I still have more to talk about, but it will have to be at a later date!

Please let me know if I did do this as a linky in the future if you would link up...maybe I will start working on a post next Monday to be ready to post early on Tuesday!

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