Monday, September 17, 2012

Nibbling My Way Back Into Blogging!

Although I have tons of thoughts zooming through my head about what I would like to share with you, I think it is wisest to try to do a bunch of shorter posts rather than doing my usual of taking on more than I can handle! 

The two things I'll share with you today are my 'Flat Stanley' class pictures & about my Sqworl Sidebar & Blog Buttons.

Here I am along with my my 'Flat Stanley' class from our Back to School Night;

Flat Stanley Mrs. Wilson from a few years ago
and Flat Stanley from a few years before that!

The second subject for this post my lack of updating my sidebar Sqworl & Blog Buttons at the bottom of the window.  It has been a couple of centuries...okay a year and a half since I added or changed anything in either.  I will not try to research every blog listed, I will simply make a request to you.  If I do not have you in the appropriate sidebar Sqworl folder or do not have your blog there at all, please leave me a comment and I will make yours right.  The same goes for the blog buttons.  I know a lot of bloggers have updated their blogs & blog buttons and I probably still have the old one there.  If you let me know I will add or update yours.  "A Step at a Time"'s has been a motto for my life...I just need to work on baby steps! :)  Hope to post again tomorrow!

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