Sunday, September 16, 2012

I AM Still Alive & Teaching! :)

     Yesterday I had a GREAT day of learning!  I drove about two hours to go to a Whole Brain Teaching conference.  It was completely FREE, but worth a million!  Okay, maybe I wouldn't have paid a million, but the two Whole Brain Teaching days that I have attended are two of THE BEST learning days I've had in 25 years of teaching!  Going even inspired me to finally post again!
      If you ever have a chance to attend a Whole Brain Teaching training, I HIGHLY recommend that you do.  You can find resources on their website, plenty of posts out here in teacher bloggyland, and signs in both Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook.

     Chris Biffle and his amazing team choose to spend their time sharing with any teachers who are willing to learn...they are doing this WITHOUT being paid for their time and talents!!  A few years ago I went to a WBT conference and it transformed my classroom!  If you've ever been to a training that was 'do as I say, not as I do' and been bored to tears; you do not need to worry that this will happen at WBT!!!  The WHOLE time you are actively engaged, just as you are learning to have your students actively engaged!
    If any of you are reading this, I apologize for my super long absence.  I have a bad habit of biting off WAY more than I can's my 'tagxedo' representing that: 
It's supposed to be a mouth..since I have bitten off so much!  After I discovered the wonderful world of teacher blogs I kept adding more and more and more blogs to my Google Reader...everyday there seemed to be new ones popping up...and those blogs were introducing me to so many new things...couponing, money saving sites, anchor charts, Teachers Pay Teachers & Teachers Notebook (from which I downloaded about every free item appropriate for 3rd grade!), great graphics sites, online clouds, and of course the highly addictive Pinterest!  Well, I just couldn't keep up!  I took a breather from even reading posts from teachers for a bit, I just felt so overwhelmed!  I don't know if any of you can relate to that.  I am so appreciative for all of the terrific bloggers out there and it has been nice to begin reading some of my favorite blogs again...Kristen's Ladybug's Teacher Files (she's really responsible for my library makeover...another HUGE project), Kristen from A Teeny Tiny Teacher (she always makes me smile), Krissy from Venspired (she always inspires me and I love all of her posters!!), and speaking of posters Shannon at Technology Rocks. Seriously. (she even did a poster for me!!  it was a quote that really struck me and is in my house's the link to it's the first one!)
     Okay, time for  bed...and hopefully it won't be 9 months before I post again!!! (I'm shooting for tomorrow, but we will see what tomorrow holds!)


  1. Hi Nancy,
    Glad you're back in action! We missed you.
    Funky First Grade Fun

    1. I keep trying to comment, but it will only let me add a reply on Kimberly's post! Sorry!!!

      Anyway, I'm so glad you are back! YAY!!!!!!!!


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