Friday, January 13, 2012

Mother-in-Law with Jesus Now

Yesterday afternoon my mother-in-law passed away.  God is good and merciful.  Her 3 children, Hope, Tony, & my husband Jim, and I were planning to meet yesterday afternoon at 4 to talk with the doctor, case worker, & social worker.  There were tough decisions that were going to have to be made.  Patty had pretty much stopped eating so would a feeding tube be put in, would we move her to a convalescent facility, try to get a full time care taker at her home, would she ever recover and be herself again?  We were just not sure what would happen next, my husband had prayed that he would not have to make any tough decision.  Right before 2 her heart slowed down and then stopped at 2.  She is home with Jesus, her parents, and her husband.

The last six month have been a challenge, but a privilege too.  Patty had been a teacher and then a principal.  I met her before I met my husband; we were both a part of Delta Kappa Gamma an International Society of Women Educators.  As I spent lot of time with her these past several months at the different hospitals and rehab, I had the chance to see a playful, bantering side of her I hadn't seen that much before.  She was constantly joking around with all of the doctors & staff.

She will be missed and I appreciate any and all prayers for my family as we head down this road.
Patricia Ann Wilson
September 1, 1930-January 12, 2012
Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Sister, Friend, Educator, Principal


  1. I am sorry for the pain you all feel with her missing from your life, but thankful that you know she is well now! I am keeping your family in my prayers!

  2. Praying for your family during this time.

  3. I will be thinking about and praying for your family.

  4. Your family will certainly be in my prayers during this sad time. Big hugs Nancy

  5. Nancy, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers right now.

  6. So sorry to hear. I'll be praying for your family!

    Fun In First

  7. So sorry to hear this! I will pray that God comforts you and brings you peace during this sad time.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  8. Praying for your family during this time.

  9. Hi there,
    I just found you - am a new blogger and finding all sorts of great resources out there. I want you to know I will be praying for your family. My precious mom went home to be with Jesus in April of's always so difficult to lose a loved one. God is good and faithful and will give you and renew your strength every morning. I am your newest followe and glad to meet you. God bless
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After


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