Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11++ in 11 (11 Positives Added in 11) A Very Late Linky!

(Okay, I know probably most of you whip out your posts in 5 minutes or less, but I started this post 2 WEEKS AGO and I have reformatted it about 12 gazillion 5 times! (the centering and spacing kept getting WEIRD!) I am determined that TODAY, January 11, 2012 I WILL hit the 'Publish Post' button!!!  My life has been challenging with my mother-in-law in the hospital those 2 weeks & much of it in ICU. {she started in the town where I teach...20 miles from home, & then was moved to another...30 miles from town...which makes it about 50 miles from home!}  That & getting back to school...someday I will be organized, someday I will be organized, someday I WILL be organized ! {Clicking heels!}  
I know this is REALLY late to do as a linky, but it is the 11th so maybe that will help!  I did want to share these positives (I really need to keep focusing on the positives right now) & I'd really love to hear about the 'POSITIVES ADDED' in your lives too!! {maybe they'll be on my 12 ++ in 12 list! :)}

Hello Bloggy Friends!  I had to tease Kristin & Hadar because I had been planning for days to start a linky party called '11 in 11' and they beat me to it!!  I can't wait to get a chance to do a post to link up with them, but my idea was a bit different.  I had so many new things that have impacted my life & teaching that I wanted to list 11 positives that were added in 2011 and share them with you.  If you link up you could list a person, a book, a blog, a strategy, a concept, an idea, a cause, a phrase or quote, or ???? but whatever it is it should have made a difference in you.  I hope you will join me & link up!  Here's my 11 + + in 11:

Teacher Blogs-- I really don't know which blog I discovered first or when it was exactly.  I had been getting lots of ideas from and a teacher blog may have been listed there.  I think I just started with one and kept clicking on the sidebars of each blog I discovered.  It was like going on a treasure hunt, each blog leading to more amazing blogs.  The teacher blogs I have found have transformed my teaching!  I can't keep up with all of the wonderful posts, but Google Reader sure helps me try!
Creating This Blog--Although I have tons of ideas for posts that I never seem to get published, this blog has been a great opportunity to create & share!  I love having it and just wish I could keep up with it better!
Teaching Blog Addict--I had responded by email to Tamara's post of 'Help! I Think I'm Blog-a-holic!' on her blog Teaching with TLC at the beginning of April because I fit EVERY one of the symptoms of being a blog-a-holic!  A few days later she began TBA and a bit after that I was blessed to be asked to be a part of Teaching Blog Addict!  It is AMAZING and if you have never checked it out, you are missing out BIG TIME!

 Sqworl--I love Sqworl!! As I began following more & more bloggers I knew my sidebar would go on FOREVER if I didn't do something different, so I created a Sqworl folder for each grade level or category.  I apologize that I haven't updated them in MONTHS, it is on my mile long 'To Do' list!  I am now using Sqworl on my classroom blog.  I use it in the sidebar and I can put in sites that I want to have my students go to in the computer lab or at home. I can group various sites and change what's there as I choose to (or can get around to!)

Pinterest-- I have a feeling this is an added positive for a lot of you! I know so much has been said about it I don't think I've got anything more to add, but here's the link to my boards.
Orphan CareI This is one that I have posted about  several times this year, HERE & HERE but I had to mention it here as one of the positives that have been added to my life this year.  I feel so blessed to have the family that I do and my heart has become extra softened &  tender for those who don't, yet.  My prayer is that all those in need will meet up with their forever families in the near future & to pray for those who work with them.

 Donor's Choose--I am so very grateful for the iPod my class received through DC!!!  I've got to get my thank you packet done & sent soon!!!  Thanks to all who chose to donate to my project!

The Book Whisperer--I read The Book Whisperer this summer and it has changed my teaching this year!  I was so inspired that I kept underlining and writing out quotes from the book.  This is now my first Teacher's Notebook item and it is only $1. It is 25 quotes from her book and I'm giving my favorite quote from the book to you here for free. (Here's a picture of it!) 

Here's info for my new TN shop: was just editing this post and all of my info for # 9 just disappeared! :( Let's just say I've learned more about my family history & I'm glad I joined!

The End of the Molasses Classes--I am still reading this book, but I have already shared many stories with my class & I am challenging them to do their best.  I am learning so much from Ron!
Couponing  I was inspired after seeing so many posts by Fern Smith about her shopping trips and what she was spending and then a friend shared with me about the Crazy Coupon Lady.  Well, let's just say I now have another thing in my life that is keeping me very busy, but I am excited that I can donate items to those in need without spending very much money.

There it is my 11 POSITIVES ADDED in 11 (11 ++ in 11)  {I'm not sure how I managed to leave off Vistaprint!!}  I wrote the green at the top before school & now it is 11:35 PM so I'm going to hit that "Publish Post" button just as soon as I get the Linky Party thing on here!!

{Ahhhhh! I did some editing of this post & my linky info 'poof' disappeared!!! I'll see if I can get it back up & still get to school on time!} {Phew! Looks like I got it back! :)}


  1. Yay for 2011! It was a year filled with challenges for you but also new adventures. I still remember getting your email late one night about resurrection cookies. :) May you and your family be VERY blessed in 2012.

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  3. Great idea to focus on the positives and I enjoyed reading about yours. Thanks for sharing Nancy! Congrats on your first product!
    - Leslie

  4. I enjoyed reading your post! I love how God works in our lives in small ways and big ways!

    I would love for you to visit me if you get the chance!

    Heather's Heart


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