Saturday, February 18, 2017

Teachers Take Monterey~Pacific Coast Teacher Meet Up & More

What an AMAZING weekend I had last week!! I went up to Monterey to enjoy a fun day with teachers and TpTers from all over the Pacific Coast.  Last year the Meet Up was in Sacramento and many teachers from last year were back for this Meet Up.  I drove about 6 hours with my daughter & met up with my sister who had driven in from Sacramento to stay with us and spend the day with Sieanna while I was with the teachers.
My sister, daughter, and I started our day checking out beautiful, large, colorful, metal flowers on the way into the meet up spot.  They dropped me off and they checked out Monarch butterflies &. 
There were approximately 80 of us in our Teachers Take Monterey t-shirts!  The four lovely ladies pictured above {picture credit: Tales of Teaching with Tech} planned a fantastic day of fun & connecting by planning a scavenger hunt throughout the Cannery Row area.  Our group was quite large, 12 of us, but we had a ton of fun!

I did not get pictures with everyone that I had the joy of interacting with, but I am so glad that I did get pictures with these wonderful ladies!  It was great to see Katie from Sprout again, Caryn was a pleasure to see again, as she had watched on of my Periscopes a year ago, one of 5!, Amy is always a delight to talk with, after all, her job title is Director of Seller Happiness at TpT, Lara of Creative Teacher Mama did my name~isn't it beautiful!?, Amy was a joy to see, last year we were in the same scavenger hunt group & continued our friendship through Facebook & even met up to see Koo Koo Kangaroo in Sacramento this summer, Nicole from Teachers pay Teachers was a part of my scavenger hunt group this year~I really enjoyed talking with her and getting to know her, Meg & Jess were so much fun! they were in our scavenger hunt group too they are from Meg's Crayons & The Whimsical Teacher, it was fun to meet Kelly who also lives in the Mojave desert!

Thanks to @kellykarakas {on Instagram} for the picture of the contents of our SWAG bag, we were blessed with so many fantastic items from the sponsors of this great event.  I was so blessed to win 3 terrific prizes~ HelloFonts Commercial License, Spelling City & Science 4 Us Memberships!!!Thank you!!!

Last night we celebrated Andrew's acceptance to California Baptist University!!

There has been so much I have wanted to blog about, but it just hasn't happened until now...hopefully more soon!

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