Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Periscope~What is it???? Let Me Tell You More...

Good morning!  I had planned to do this blog post last night, but...well no really good reason, I just didn't...woke up this morning feeling a bit anxious about that fact & thinking about my classroom & looking at what blog hops & giveaways & awesome posts are out there & I had to come back to this AWESOME verse that I only this last week came across...
I made this printable soon after feeling stressed ...before I went for my walk & prayer time... before tackling this post...I DON'T need to compare myself to others, I DON'T need to beat myself up for not doing this last night {Praise God His mercies are new EVERY morning!}  I just need to keep my mind stayed on Him & trust Him with RIGHT NOW & He WILL keep me in PERFECT PEACE! :)
Okay, now to PERISCOPE!!!  When I went to the TpT Conference I started hearing about Periscope & I saw it popping up all over social media...I thought...NO...not one more thing!...about a week ago something out there on Twitter or Facebook piqued my interest, so I downloaded the app & watched...I LOVE IT!!! So, what IS Periscope...

 WHY should you check it out???

To follow up on my last bullet~here are some of the people I am following on Periscope...didn't find Ron Clark on there, but I did watch him as I was working on my classroom library yesterday!!

A few days ago I attempted my first Scope
My daughter broadcast with a matter of fact she held the phone...I had 11 live views {thank you, thank you, thank you to those who viewed!!!} & 4 replays...issues...HOPE KING, yes the amazing teacher who teaches at Ron Clark Academy, was Scoping at the same time...I don't know how my scope looked to live viewers, but when I replayed, the video was really blurry & poor quality :( so I didn't save am trying again today at noon Pacific Time on the same subject...I would LOVE for you to join me!!!{my daughter is off at camp, so she won't be with me on this Scope}...hopefully none of the biggies are broadcasting at the same time!


  1. I 'listen' to more scopes than I watch. I can look over at my phone it I need to, but I can work on other things.
    Teaching Under the Sun

    1. Me too! What is your Scope name so I can follow you if I am not already! :)


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