Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yes, I am Finally Posting!! Two Linkies~June Currently{yes, I know it is the 17th} &TpT Seller's Challenge Week One

Wow, over a month since I have blogged & now it is a week since school ended...So much has been going on...I guess I will start with June's Currently...
I am glad it is summer and there should be more time to focus on blogging, planning & creating {finishing} things for TpT...I have really been trying to prioritize things & for the last month school {grading/recording, report cards, end of the year stuff...} & family have taken 1st place so now I finally have time to do this :-) ...I have missed blogging & there is a lot that I want to share...for summer lovin' I put several things for family time & I have already started with some of this!
If you have a bowling alley in your community & you have children you may want to check out ...with this program your kids can bowl 2 games per day EVERY day this summer {that your bowling alley is open} & you can add on adult family members for a very small fee!  We have already gone bowling twice this week!...also if you have a Cinemark theater near you check out their Summer Movie Clubhouse...they have kids movies for just a dollar twice a week throughout the summer!

I began this post DAYS ago...I am really trying to make sure I am putting 'First Things First' {Habit 3} & focus on my family so this post is being finished now...I have joined the TPT Seller's Challenge:

Here is week one of TpT Seller's Challenge:

I have much more I want to share, praying for balancing life & not having my family feel neglected with too much time at the computer!!

  My newly titled "Fact Family Houses" {Was Fabulous Fact Houses} is now on sale; click on the picture above.  I am looking to growth this summer; through this challenge & sharing more with you!


  1. I definitely like version 3 better - your sister had some good advice!

    1. Thanks Kelly & thanks for letting me know about the challenge!

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  3. I love the makeover! I was a little late to the challenge, but I'm working on some revisions anyway because it's on my summer to-do list. I'm also trying to find the perfect balance with everything! Have a blast at the conference. We have our summer travels planned for that time so I'm sad to be missing it, but excited for time with family. I'm headed over to follow you now! I love when Currently brings me to new blogs!

    Mrs O Knows

  4. I am like you...I start making one change and end up tweaking it over and over again. :)
    Thanks for the tip on how to add my blog link.

  5. Sounds like you're having a great summer! Your product makeover looks great!

    The Third Grade Nest


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