Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently, Launching My Store, Freebies, & a Giveaway!!! :)

Technically, as I begin this post it is not yet September in my time zone, but Farley had the Currently up and by the time I hit the 'publish' button it will be September {& hopefully NOT October yet!}

Here is my Currently:

Listening~I have been at this computer for much of today & yesterday, so listening to the hum of the computer is nothing new.  Everyone else in my house is sound asleep but NO sleep for me until this is finished! {which for me may be in a few hours!! the blogging superstars crank out the posts is beyond me!!}

Loving~Literally for YEARS I have had the goal of getting my shop up and running.  I thought it would happen this summer, but life happened instead.  We have been in school for two weeks & two days.  I was determined that THIS would be the weekend to LAUNCH my store!!  Time to finish up so many partially finished products...right now there are 14 completed products IN the store, hopefully by the end of the week there will be at least 20-25!

Thinking~I am always amazed by those who can crank out post after post...for me post seem to take me forever...especially if I need to head to Picmonkey to edit some pictures or Lettering Delights if I need some headings...I just figure it will be several hours because I would like to explain each of my products.

Wanting~I want to stay clear minded and have a post that others will enjoy...not get exhausted and skip things that I really want to include, the way I want to include them!

Needing~Juggling everything in life seems like such a challenge for me...feel like I need to find a way to do it all...or even most of it! ;-)

Trips~I would love to go to Maui someday with my family...England has appealed to me since I was a little kid...Guatemala, well God is tugging at my heart for Guatemala...more on that in a bit!

The time has FINALLY come:

I want to share about each item that is currently up in my store and offer any one of them to you for sharing about this post, my TpT shop, or about anything in it!!

You may share in a blog post, pin something to a Pinterest board, share on Facebook, share on Instagram, Tweet about it, or even email a teacher friend or friends.  Just leave a comment here about how you shared & send me an email including what item you would like me to email to you!  Subject line: "Freebie from the Launch"  {just in case it ends up in junk mail!}  My email is  

Now, that's not all....if you share {in any way} you will get an entry to win everything that is in my store when the giveaway closes!  {a minimum of 14 items...hopefully quiet a few more!}

As I have shared before, I have A LOT of STUFF...but...somehow whenever I DO get rid of something...yep, it is the WRONG thing to get rid of!  Quite a few years ago, we were told that we would no longer be using D'Nealian for cursive.  When the school year ended I dumped my cursive alphabet that had been up above my white board.  In the fall they said we could still teach D'Nealian...there were some sets of alphabet charts at the school...they were Standard...but I didn't want to spend any money so up it went.  For years I have been telling my students that they could do either...even though I was teaching D'Nealian. room is Apple Themed so I decided this summer to make my own! :)

A good friend of mine liked mine and I offered to make an alphabet for her room.  I had her look through my graphics previews binders and choose what she though would work well in her room.  This is what she chose:

 Well, that got the creative juices flowing! :)

Those are the alphabets that I have completed right now, but I plan to have at least 5 more up by Monday night.

Several years ago I read Donalyn Miller's The Book Whisperer and I LOVED it!! As a matter of fact, I put together 25 quotes from the book, turned them in to posters and got them posted in my TN store.  {unfortunately, I was contacted by the publisher and so I immediately removed them...maybe this fall I will get back in communication with them to see if I can get permission to use the quotes}  Anyway, the book inspired me to encourage my students to read 40 or more books in a variety of genres.  I created this booklet:

It has a separate page for each of the following genres:
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Informational Text
  •  Fantasy
  • Biography/Autobiography
  • Mystery
  • Historical Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Traditional Literature
It also has a page for 
  • Recommendations
  • My Choice

Last year our district began moving into using the 

Common Core State Standards.  I decided that I 
wanted to have the SMPs {Standards of Mathematical 

Practice...used at EVERY grade level} So, I designed 

these posters:

Next, inspired by this pin I found on Pinterest:

 {this was a dead link...if it is your classroom, let me know & I will link to it!! :)}
I decided to create my own & instead of putting them in frames, I figured I would laminate them.  Last year they seemed too small, so this year I made them bigger...the set includes both!

It is now after 2 more product to share about...then get Rafflecopter set up...then off to bed...very thankful for a holiday tomorrow!!!! {oh yes, & share about Guatemala!}

Several years ago I was frustrated by my students not having their multiplication facts down and I searched to find what I wanted to use on a daily basis...although there were several products out there {and a TON more now} there wasn't anything just as I made this...

Last year I shared that I planned to donate 5% of any earnings with TpT and/or TN to orphan care.  As I launch, I want to promise that again.  For at least the first 3 checks I receive {whenever that happens} 5% will go to Village of Hope in Guatemala.  It is almost 2:30 am & I am fading fast so click on the links to learn more! Thank you Amy Block for touching my life and so many more!!! {check out her blog! :)}

Here's your chance to win my store! Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. You have some great products in your shop Nancy, keep it up!
    I'm with posts seem to take me ages too, especially if (like you) I have to edit in Picmonkey. I wish my pictures automatically uploaded with my logo and a frame lol

    Oh the Little Wonders

  2. Congrats on Launching your store and with so many items! I have just 5 in mine. I get super excited every time I get an e-mail saying I have made a sale (3 so far!). It's great that you will be donating!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. I wish I knew the trick to juggling everything! If someone else comes up with a plan I need to know too!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  4. Congrats on Launching your store! I am so proud of you for getting over the "stuck"!


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